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How to use the portal site?
How to use the portal site?

Objectives of IPAAE e-learning 
IPAAE aims for a cultivation of students who are capable of pursuing global careers in their future. We also would like to set an international standard for agricultural education in Asia.
 In order for us to achieve these goals, we utilize ICT (Information-Communication Technology) materials such as a remote lecture and e-learning system. IPAAE e-learning portal site is established to provide various lectures and seminars recorded with the support of IPAAE collaborative universities.

How did we gather up the e-learning materials?
We recorded lectures and seminars using ICT systems mainly at Kyushu University while some lectures were recorded at other universities with sufficient equipment. We also have recordings from video camcorders. 
 If you have any interest in helping us add more content to the portal site, please contact us at ipaae@agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp or +81-92-642-7159. We very much appreciate your comments and help to further develop our portal site as well.

What kind of lectures do we have?
Click here to see the list of lectures available on our website.

Tips for the portal site use
It is recommended to use a headset or earphones since the sound quality may be poor in some operating environment.
Downloading files is strictly prohibited.
Contributions in terms of quantitatively improving the e-learning contents on the website is very much appreciated, feel free to add to our collection.
Please contact us at ipaae@agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp for inquiries or requests. Any comments for our improvement are also welcome.