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Vision & Mission
1. International Platform for Asian Agricultural Education (IPAAE)
The platform proposed here is a joint curriculum of six universities based on multilateral educational collaboration. The purpose of the platform is to promote an international standard of higher agricultural education. It functions as a resource center of teachers, offering an international curriculum and developing teaching materials. The points of the project can be shown as follows,

1) The platform targets the Master's course students. Lectures, seminars and practices would be provided by the faculties of cooperative universities. This would lead quality education and the students can grow global mind for local issues.
2) The topics treated in the platform would be agriculture, forestry, and the environment in Asia, international development, technical communication and so on. The teachers can visit different universities and give lectures to the multi-university students. Multi-media (on-demand distribution of teaching materials) and video conference systems would be also introduced.
3) The platform also emphasizes on field research trainings. It encourages mobility of students that leads deeper understanding the local issues.

2. Summary of the Platform
Educational Platform
1) Joint Curricullum for MS students of Japan, Germany and Thailand ¨ sharing global view of agriculture
2) Teaching in English on agricultural development¨ incubating quality human resource
3) Device for higher agricultural education ¨ thinking globally, acting locally

Three levels of collaboration
1) Within a university: diverse aspects on rural development by different faculties
2) Domestic level: expansion of education ability to international students
3) International level: promoting quality agricultural education in English

Target students
1) Foreign students
2) Domestic students
3) Students in different universities

Subprogram packages
1) University collaboration
2) Curriculum development
3) System reform
4) Educational infrastructure

3. Subprograms
To establish the platform, the project conducts various activities according to the four subprograms; (1) university collaboration, (2) curriculum development, (3) educational infrastructure and (4) system reform.

(1) University Collaboration
This subprogram aims at the establishment of multi-lateral relations of the universities, or an alliance of international education. Teachers and students are mutually exchanged upon university cooperation. For the students joining the platform, the credits are acquired through an international credit transfer system. To make an effective collaboration, a liaison office in participating universites would be prepared.

(2) Curriculum Development
This subprogram focuses on the expansion of educational contents. A relay lecture would be possible by several teachers of different universities under a same topic, such as matters of Asian agriculture. A field work training system is established with the cooperation of CMU and KU which are the axis of a field station for this approach and performs international cooperation and practical training of agriculture and forestry in the tropical areas. A new syllabus would be prepared and the development of teaching materials is implemented.

(3) Educational Infrastructure
This subprogram treats with the development of educational environment: a) ICT techniques including on-demand type teaching materials; b) video archive system where the practical training are recorded as images to be used as teaching materials; c) video conference system for meetings of remote sites among the universities.

(4) System Reform
To establish an international standard of agricultural education, the existing rules and regulations are reviewed and modified for the quality of education. This can be made in each of the participating universities