Faculty of Agriculture offers young researchers, including graduate students, postdocs, research associates, assistant professors and lecturers, opportunities to go abroad to overseas research institutions or research venues for the purpose of conducting research activities under the fund of JSPS. The objective of the program is to foster the kind of highly capable researchers with broad international perspectives that contribute to sophistication of environmental agricultural research in Asia.

The program consists of three types of dispatches, Long-term visit (about 2-3 months), Short-term visit (about a month) and Visit for International Conference (about a week.) Applicants must make plans according to their research project and apply for the proper dispatches that serve their purpose. Those who are adopted will be allocated travel expense, accommodation fee and daily allowance during their visits.

Those who wish to apply for the program must read the following guidelines with great care and submit required documents to Strategic Planning Section (located 1st floor of Agr. Bldg.1 Ext. 8906) within each application period.

Call for Entries

We have finished all calls for entries from this program.

Application period
Wednesday, May. 15th, 2012- Friday, June. 8th, 2012

Date of Adoption
Late-June (Around June 20th)

Number of Adoption

1.This is the final call of the program. No further call will be made hereafter.
2.We will cover TRAVEL EXPENSE ONLY and will not cover accommodation fee and daily allowance.
3.We will cover only those travels which are unpaid by any other fund.
4.You may cover your accommodation fee and daily allowance with your own fund, but may not cover
 with any other financial support which has limitation concerning to its use.
 Please decide how you cover them before you apply.

For application eligibility and required documents, please read application guidelines, Academic Year 2011.

■Application Guidelines

Japanese PDF  English(summary)〔PDF

■Application Form

 Long-term Visit (Form.1) 〔Word〕  Form1 Explanations in English⇒〔PDF
 Short-term Visit (Form.2) 〔Word〕  Form2 Explanations in English⇒〔PDF
 Visit for International Conference (Form.3) 〔Word〕  Form3 Explanations in English⇒〔PDF

■Letter of Acceptance (Long-term and Short-term)
 Example of Description 〔PDF

 Please download the form and have your host researcher's signature on it. Submit it to Strategic Planning Section at least 3 weeks
 before your departure. It may be a PDF document, but please make sure to submit the original later

■Report of your research (Long-term and Short-term)

 FormWordExplantions in English ⇒( PDF)
 〈Exhibit〉12.Evaluation by the Host Researcher 〔Word〕 (Fill out 1-3 yourself.)

■Safety Guidelines

We have posted some addresses on the page of 安全の指針, which serve safety of travelers abroad. Most of them are from Forgeign Ministry's website. The main page is http://www.pubanzen.mofa.go.jp/ (Witten in Japanese) . Please visit the website and check necessary information.
We also have Safety Guide English version from Faculty of Agriculture. Please download it and read with great care. To make your travel safer, be sure to consult your supervisor about the detail of your s

Travel Guidelines

We have guidelines for participants about travel expense, newsletter, reports, and so on. Please visit the page "For Participants" below and download "Guidelines for participantsEnglish ver. 〔PDF〕 ", "Study Publication日本語&English 〔PDF〕", and other files you need to go through travel expense procedure. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

■Other Pages(Japanese)

TOP  Overview(プログラム概要)  Guidelines(募集要項・各種様式)  Safety Guidelines(安全の指針)

List of Participants(派遣者リスト) Newsletter(ニュースレター)  Weblog(派遣者ブログ)  Lecture(英語講義)

Links(リンク集)  Contact Information(お問い合わせ)  For Participants(派遣決定後の手続き等について)


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